Kalstar Loyalty is a program that created by Kalstar Aviation with regard to increase services and include to give rewards point to the Loyalty Customer. Kalstar will be very proud to deliver the program to the public who willing to join as a member and get benefit with, easier, faster to do the booking and ticketing flight Kalstar with full extra services from our genuine Support Centre.

How to register to be a member?

Very easy, just visit our web "Kalstaronline.com", at first page you will see the icon Kalstar Loyalty Club and Click, The Loyalty System will guide you how to do Register and Click Sign Up. System will ask you to enter your Name, telephone number, address, Email, etc. We will automatically send you User ID and Password via Email.

What benefit we can get ?

With The User ID and Pass ward You can very access to our system directly using your desktop or Mobile to do your booking ticket.

What other benefit ?

Once you book a ticket Kalstar Loyalty will give you reward point , your point will automatically accumulated on your virtual account, How big is your point you can just display it through you mobile or desktop.

What Else ?

Many Other, and one of them is You can Pay your Ticket by using your Reward Point, not just only you but You also can Buy a Ticket for your Friend and Family.and you can still get reward point.

What Else ?

As a Member You Can save your Personal data’s include Your Family or Your favorite Friend to the System Kalstar Loyalty, latter date when you make a booking you don’t need to re type it.

Is There member Fee ?

No. It is free.

What difference If the Ticket pay by point rewards?

No any difference.

Is Ticket Can be refund?

Yes, refund can be processed at Kalstar Aviation Office.

Can I use Point reward to pay for Ticket other people?


Point Reward , Can I Use to Buy other thing goods?

No. At this moment, you can use only to buy Kalstar Aviation Ticket.

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